Thursday, June 10, 2010

CONTACT 2010 at PROOF: Visual Anthropology

Part of the CONTACT 2010 Toronto Wide Photographic Exposition.

Three adventurers set out to the Azores - a series of islands 1000 miles off the coast of Portugal and discover a very different culture focused on the ocean and agriculture. The islands are volcanic with black sand, black rocks and houses made of blocks of black lava. Armed with much coffee, pastries and wonderful fish dinners we explored Sao Miguel, Pico and Faial Islands looking for the perfect photographs. Come and see what we found....

Blue House on Sao Miguel - Set atop a hill overlooking the countryside, we found this solitary blue house, abandoned but still proud. The sun was shining on the frontside as a huge storm moved in from the back, chasing us away with a rainstorm. Later we returned to photograph the dilapidated interior rooms with the outline of a staircase long gone. The vines and algae are fast overtaking this old home but the blueprint is still evident.

Beautiful homes, now abandoned and decaying have been reclaimed by nature becoming accidental greenhouses surrounded by architecture.

Whale House
Pico Island was one of the last places for whaling. The large wooden hand rowed boats were kept behind these doors. A ramp led straight down to the ocean beside Whale Come Bay. The early morning light on these vivid orange doors was incredible!

Wave Factory

Pico Island has no rivers or waterfalls to create power so they have made this power generating factory using the energy of the waves. Rusty and exposed to the relentless Atlantic, this tin box resounds with each crashing wave.

Natalie Draz exhibits her photo etchings of treasures as well as her Ocean Treasures - photographs of detritus of the sea found in the Azores. With a degree in Cultural Anthopology and a focus on printmaking Natalie brings a fresh new perspective to Proof Studio Gallery.

Come and see what is new at PROOF Studio Gallery!

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